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How Much Is A Small Skip To Hire Near Me In Wiltshire

Are you in need of a small skip to hire near you? Do you live in Wiltshire, a county in South West England? Look no further than Skip Hire Wiltshire, a small skip hire company located in Wiltshire.

We understand the importance of proper waste disposal and offer reliable skip hire services to ensure your waste is taken care of properly. Our skips come in various sizes to match your specific needs.

Why Hire A Skip?

Disposing of waste is not an easy task, even small volumes can be a hassle. At Skip Hire Wiltshire, well make the entire process easier for you. Well save you from trips to the local landfill, loading up your car or truck, and dealing with the bad odors of waste. Our skips are an environmentally-friendly solution that ensures your waste is disposed of in proper landfills and recycling centers.

You might be wondering, "Why should I hire a small skip instead of hauling my waste to the dump myself?" Hauling waste yourself can be a time-consuming task. You may end up making multiple trips, paying for gas, and even possible damage to your vehicle as a result of tough terrain or sharp objects. With a small skip, you get a convenient solution that saves you time and effort.

Types of Skips Available For Hire

At Skip Hire Wiltshire, we know that different projects require different materials to be disposed of. Thats why we offer various skip sizes to match your specific needs. We have 2 yard skips, 4 yard skips, 6 yard skips, 8 yard skips, and 12 yard skips.

  • 2 Yard Skips: Ideal for small gardens, and similar household projects. They are also great for small business projects.
  • 4 Yard Skips: Perfect for larger garden clearance projects and small renovations. They are also great for smaller building projects.
  • 6 Yard Skips: Great for larger projects such as medium renovations, and small commercial or building projects.
  • 8 Yard Skips: Ideal for large renovations or construction projects. They can also be used for home move projects.
  • 12 Yard Skips: Perfect for large projects such as commercial sites, construction sites, and demolition.

What Can I Put In A Skip?

Skip Hire Wiltshire is a company that does its utmost to ensure that waste management and disposal is as easy as possible. However, there are certain restrictions with waste that can be placed in skips. As such, our team will advise on the following restrictions:

  • Hazardous materials such as asbestos, medical waste, chemicals, etc.
  • Items such as gas cylinders, batteries, PC monitors & televisions, and paint cans
  • Florescent light tubes, medication or syringes, and electrical equipment

If you are unsure what you can put in your skip or the rules surrounding hazardous waste, give us a call on 01793 272083, and we will provide you with the necessary guidance and advice.

How Much Does A Small Skip Hire Cost In Wiltshire?

The cost of a small skip hire in Wiltshire is determined by several factors, including skip size, permit cost, duration of skip hire and additional fees. At Skip Hire Wiltshire, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices for all our skip sizes.

Our 2 yard skips start as low as 80, while our 4 yard skips start at 99. Larger sizes, such as 6 yard, 8 yard or 12 yards, come at a higher cost. However, our experienced staff can help advise you on the most suitable skip size for your project, providing you with an accurate and fair price based on your requirements.

Please note that prices also differ depending on whether you require a Wiltshire skip permit or not. Skip permits are issued by local authorities and need to be obtained if you plan to place the skip on public property such as a road, path or on a grass verge.

Why Choose Skip Hire Wiltshire?

At Skip Hire Wiltshire, we are a trusted, family-owned business with over a decade of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices, no hidden fees, and reliable services. We'll make your skip hire in Wiltshire easy for you. We guarantee top-notch customer service and timely delivery and collection of skips.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are trained to provide you with the best service possible. They are dedicated to providing you with high-quality skips that will meet your requirements.

We are also committed to ensuring that our services have the slightest impact on the environment, and that is why we have invested in eco-friendly solutions that help our customers have peace of mind that their waste is being disposed of safely and sustainably.

How To Hire a Skip?

Hiring a skip from Skip Hire Wiltshire is easy. Simply call us on 01793 272083, or send us an email at [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Our team will advise you on the best options for your situation and provide an accurate quote with no hidden charges. Once you have agreed to hire a skip, we'll organize and arrange for the delivery of your skip at your preferred location and date.

Final Thoughts

At Skip Hire Wiltshire, we provide a reliable and affordable skip hire service to help you dispose of your waste with ease. Our team is highly experienced and trained to provide you with the best advice and options based on your requirements.

If you are in need of a small skip hire near you in Wiltshire, make us your first choice. We guarantee quality services and 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call on 01793 272083 or send an email to [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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